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The Indian sari is one of its kind garments, unmatched in its sheer beauty which is one reason why women in India turn to the sari for special and festive occasions. This however does not mean that the sari is not suitable for every day wear as women all across India dress for work in sarees, the hospitality industry and even aviation industry encourages the use of the sari as uniform work wear. We at Amafhh are definitely clued in to the importance of the saree as a garment of everyday and festive wear which is why our inventory is stocked with sarees for all occasions and purposes.

Fabrics and Designs

At Amafhh one of our goals is to give the Indian saree the elevated status on our inventory that it deserves which is why our wide and varied range of sarees comes in different fabrics, colors and designs to include everything from great every day wear sarees to special wedding and festive sarees. At Amafhh we stock luxury designer sarees for weddings and festive occasions in highly valued fabrics like georgette, silk, jacquard and brocade. For daily wear for work and casual outings we stock easy to wear, lightweight sarees in fabrics like cotton and chiffon. Our designs range from the high fashion cocktail and party wear sarees to traditional bridal sarees and daily wear sarees.

Colors, Prints and Embroidery

Amafhh’s collection of varied Indian sarees stands out for its vibrant colors, embroidery and ornamentation methods and ethnic motifs and floral prints. At Amafhh we strive to insure that our inventory is stocked with high fashion, good quality and eye catching ensembles. Each saree comes with an appropriate blouse in colors and fabrics that contrast or match with the garment. At Amafhh we believe in tradition so our inventory is well stocked in traditional wedding sarees in wedding colors like shades of red, maroon and pink. For our party wear ensembles we encourage wearing bright or stunning colors like royal blue and black that is sure to get everyone’s attention. In our daily wear segment, printed sarees beautified with floral prints, ethnic motifs and geometric patterns are just right for work and casual wear.